Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Illustration Friday: Speed

Here is a little computer doodle that I did yesterday. I used painter and experimented a little. The overall look is quite a bit different for me. Anyway, here is a my character I nicknamed speed. He is the holder of 4 land speed records!...Thanks for stopping by my blog.


Lou said...

If this was done while experimenting, I think you succeeded. Great job with the shadowing and details.

Drazen said...

I always like goggles

Leezy said...

Cool illustration.
I was browsing through your blog, is all of your work digitial apart from the sketches ... I am curious. I realy like your work!

Angela said...

This guy's got a really cool style.

I was going to say I liked your entries for 'spring' and 'monster', but as I kept scrolling I found that I love all over your work!!

It's cool to hear someone else experimenting with Painter. I've been trying to teach myself through different projects here and there for years, but I feel I've got so much more to learn. Unfortunately, I revert back to photoshop a lot when time is an issue.

Bron Smith said...

Some people draw well. Some people don't. You draw well.

Pepe said...

Que bueno. Saludos al Flaco!