Friday, October 20, 2006

sketches from my work clipboard

nothing much to share this week. here is a scrap of paper from my work clipboard.


Ken Chandler said...

I like the idea of Jack-O-Lanterns needing braces. Funny! I like the stuff you've done since I've been here last too. Dracula is really cool! Sweet coloring technique!

Kactiguy said...

Nice stuff Lael. Braces looks cool. I hope to see some on your real pumpkins.

Shane Olson said...

Good stuff! That boat... reminds me... I just helped my son build a "Raingutter Ragatta" (however you spell it), with the scouts. We carved it out like a real boat with a curved bottom, but the sail was too heavy, so it flopped over. Ahh well, we had fun regardless. Nice drawings!