Wednesday, August 13, 2008


one of the things I like about having a blog, is occationally you get people that stop by and comment. Lately a couple caricature artists have stopped by and left comments. Caricatre illustration is something I've always liked to look at, but never really tried myself. So I thought I'd give it a is the first effort. I know there are issues with this, and I now realize there is a lot more to this than just exagerating a feature or two...maybe my next try will bring better results. Oh, don't assume that since I picked obama to paint, that I'm some kind of supporter...I'm not impressed with him at all! (wait, I take that back, I am very impressed with how easily he can get people to donate money...) So, now ya know.


Dillon Thompson said...

Great likness. Your stuff is looking more and more solid each post. And its cool to see you posting alot latley.

Bubba J said...

Lael, your the best. I really like your obama and he is great at getting money. But nothing else.