Thursday, May 21, 2009

Illustration Friday: Contagious

We just had our first confermed death last week here in Utah. (from the swine flu) A 20 something year old male in good health. Crazy times we live in...several schools have also closed here for a week or two. These days your only school supplies should be a mask and hand sanitizer! Anyway, this is what I was thinking when I sketched up this little doodle.

I didn't have time to do much for this topic, but I got an hour this afternoon so I sketched out something. This is a real fast one, and I know it shows, because of that, I also made a conceptual piece as well. So ya get two for the "price" of one!


Jack Foster said...

This is so terrific. I can't believe it only took you an hour. Great!!!

froggie said...

your "bread and butter" concept work is really wonderful, is poor mr. "scrupulously clean desktop."

and lucky us! to get 2! :)

Jeff Lyng said...

very clean, i like it!.... check out my blog at and enter the cartooning contest! I'd love to see your work in the contest!

Squirrel Girl said...

Hey congrats on winning at Cartoons Inc! I knew you were the winner as soon as I saw your work! You are a very talented artist!