Saturday, January 29, 2011

florida vacation!

here is a picture of nancy at universal studios in front of the hogwarts castle
Nancy and I waiting for the kids in Dr Seuss land
whole familia posing in front to the train
excited to get in and see universal

whole family all dressed up for dinner

guys are...
not lookin' nearly as good as the girls!

lots of sun, food, and snorkeling in cocoa key... we should do this every winter!!
another shot of the kids on their way to dinner...lots of good food!

I would have been more excited to see this if I still had my silver pass...I miss my "get in free pass" it's a small fortune to get a family of six in these days!
We sure had a great time in florida...Orlando is pretty laid back...not exactly what I had pictured in my head. The weather lived up to our expectations...and we loved almost every minute we were there. It was hard to come home to the snow. Spring is just around the corner, right?


Whitney said...

Come again next year and visit us! Your post is making me very excited to be in Florida instead of Minnesota next winter. Those were really fun pictures. We miss you guys!

Will Terry said...

WOW! I'm not even jealous!!!! Looked like a lot of fun. I need to get my doctor to prescribe a Florida trip!

GhettoFab said...

That is one good lookin fam you have there sir!

A well deseved break for you guys glad to hear it was rockin and thanks for sharing some pics