Tuesday, October 04, 2011


I've been trying to do better at keeping a sketchbook. I love to draw, and I doodle a lot, but always have been somewhat intimidated when drawing in a sketchbook...not sure why. Over the years I've given up trying to overcome this phobia and usually just draw on loose type paper. No intimidation there...if I don't like it, nothing lost. Then I look through other artist's sketchbooks and wish I could do nice stuff in a sketchbook. So, I'm trying agian...not really too impressed with my efforts yet, but the fact that I'm "on the horse again" is a small success in itself.


Rob Colvin said...

Nice Lael! I'm still intimidated by sketchbooks once in a while as well. I like the ringed binder types so I can rip a page out if it's particularly horrid. I glue a lot of drawings into my book from the doodles I do in church and such.

Will Terry said...

Great! I love this one - I could see this as the main character of a book.