Thursday, August 11, 2011

old and simple

ok quick story...when I was at the car show a few weeks back, I talked to a guy at the swap meet section about locating an original vintage radio. He said he had one, that worked for 200!! I couldn't believe it...for an AM radio?? I only paid 450 for the whole I passed on that deal. Then a few days later, I saw this old piece of junk on ebay...looked like I could clean it up, but doubted that it would work...I was wrong. I cleaned it up and hooked up the wires, and to my worked. It sounds amazing for AM. Nothing like the simple vintage design of an old VW.

Now, to try to make this look like a illustration blog agian, here are some "church sketches" This is what I do so I can listen least that's what I tell the kids.