Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I've been thinking a lot about happiness lately.  This could become quite a long post, because I have a tendency to go on too long about things...just ask my wife.  But, I've been wondering why so many of us waste time being unhappy.  When I think of myself as a teenager, I was always happy.  There wasn't much that came my way that would change that for's just who I was.  What happened?  Now, for those of you that don't know me...I'm not grumpy all the time now, but I've decided I have been spending far too much time under my own little black cloud.  Why?  I'm not sure.  Life is too short to waste time being unhappy.  For me it takes more effort to be unhappy.  It's not my natural self.  So I've decided to smile a little more.  I'm going to make a conscious effort to be happy.  How?  I'm going to "count my blessings".  My life is good.  There will always be things that try and trip me up...and I'm sure I'll fall every once in while, but why stay's just not worth it.  There, I'm done.  I like my little illustration on the that's not me.  Way too much hair.

Thursday, July 25, 2013


my eyes are all I got hair is gone, one ear is going...but I've never had to wear glasses.
I went to the eye doctor a couple of years ago, and he was impressed with my vision.  That was then.
He told me it was just a matter of time, and looks like he was right.  I'm starting to move things farther away to read...I've notice I tip thing toward the's official.  I'm starting to get old.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

sketches for the forth of July

these sketches don't really have anything to do with the 4th of July...just thought I'd put something new up if anyone out there still comes by my blog.  I haven't got any comments in what seems like, just to prove you stopped by, please leave a comment...or not...that's ok too.  hope ya like looking at these few doodles, just a bunch of random sketches just for fun. Happy forth of July safe out there.