Wednesday, February 08, 2006

old and new

I can tell I'm going to like this. Posting my stuff is fun and I hope it'll drive me to get better. I've been at this a long time now...graduating with my degree in illustration over 10 years ago. I took a job doing book cover work right out of school. When that job ended I decided to try freelancing. I found a little nitch doing conceptual business type illustration and worked hard to grow my freelance business fulltime for 4 years. Then, thinking I needed to stablize my income for the sake of my growing family, I took a full time job again working at Saffire(a video game company). I've been lucky to work with some amazingly talented people for the last 7 years. To all those who have helped me with the transition from traditional to digital, all I can say is THANK YOU!

I thought I'd post some of my older stuff so everyone can see where I started.
This is all traditional work done a long time ago for a vanity publisher.

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